teeth cleaning in alexandria va

Why You Need To Regularly Visit The Dentist


You are probably like most people these days: A hectic work schedule, possibly a few children at home (or animal) who requires your attention,  and very little free time to yourself. That often leads to very little free time when it comes to scheduling appointments to take care of yourself. One of the common appointments people neglect are their routine dental appointments, and we’re here to tell you why that’s not the best choice.

Even though the American Dental Association recommends you to visit your dentist and dental hygienist at least two times each year in order to maintain optimal health and hygiene for your teeth, most people fail to do so. Getting a teeth cleaning in Alexandria VA is something all Virginians should do twice a year as teeth cleanings are the only way to remove the plaque build-up that takes place. Sure, brushing your teeth twice daily along with great flossing habits does help reduce the amount of plaque that builds-up, but it doesn’t prevent it entirely. Our registered hygienists provide teeth cleaning in Alexandria VA to remove exactly that in hopes to keep your oral hygiene as pristine as can be.

What are some other reasons as to why you should regularly visit your dentist for teeth cleanings?

teeth cleaning in alexandria va

1. Early diagnosis of tooth decay

Let’s face it… Our bodies weren’t built to last us forever and that rule also applies to your teeth too! The primary reason to visit your dental office regularly is to avoid any dental issues that may have came about since your last visit. Most of these issues stem from inadequate brushing or flossing and also come from the amount of sugars that remain sitting in your mouth, eating away at your enamel. Regular teeth cleanings in Alexandria VA allow us to identify minor issues, such as small surface cavities, and repair them before they become worse. We understand frustrations with paying for dental insurance each year, but it is significantly cheaper to do so and receive routine cleanings than only coming in when you have pain, which often are indicators of major work needing to be done.

2. Having cleaner teeth

No matter how fantastic of a brusher and flosser that you might be, it’s not possible for you to keep all of the bacteria from creating plaque build-up on your teeth. When plaque begins to build-up, a number of things can happen, such as bad breath or a general ‘dirty’ feel to your mouth all the time. When you come in for a teeth cleaning in Alexandria VA twice a year, our trained dental hygienists can not only clean and polish your teeth by removing all of the plaque, but they will assist you in recommendations when it comes to brushing too! Everyone is different and not all brushing is the same… Our comforting dental staff understand that.

3. Identifying major health concerns via your oral health

There are many larger, serious diseases and ailments that dentists can spot from indicators inside your mouth. Dentists can oftentimes identify diabetes from specific indicators inside the mouth, which most people are unaware of. Another ailment routine cleanings can save you from is cancer. Women with poor oral hygiene or gum disease are 11x more likely to get breast cancer in their lifetimes as well. Inflammation, redness or soreness should never be ignored and if you’re experiencing those things, you should give our office a call immediately to schedule an appointment with us.


All in all, it is vital that you live a healthy lifestyle and a great way to start doing so is by coming to our office twice a year to have a teeth cleaning in Alexandria VA and a routine exam. Our team is ready to welcome you into our office and are happy to get you back on track to a healthy mouth if you’ve missed a few dental appointments.

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