Using Dental Implants to Make Permanent Dentures

Using Dental Implants to Make Permanent Dentures

Until recently, people who were missing most of their teeth had only two options to turn to. You either went with removable dentures or simply remained toothless. Anyone missing most of their teeth will tell you that neither of these solutions are ideal, nor acceptable in modern times.

With the advancements in implant technology, living with missing teeth or ill-fitting dentures is history. Below we’ll go over the disadvantages of removable dentures and better explain the benefits of implant supported permanent dentures.

The Downside to Removable Dentures

There are several disadvantage to wearing removable dentures. Below are the overall most common issues patients experience:

  • Lack of teeth and bone support will cause a collapsed look to your face
  • Eating with removable dentures can be difficult
  • A lowered self-esteem can occur
  • Dentures can become unglued and can fall out
  • Removable dentures need regular adjustments
  • Soaking your dentures in a cup at night can be tiresome and embarrassing
permanent dentures secured with dental implants

So… What are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures are a permanent solution for people who suffer from tooth loss. Different from traditional dentures, permanent dentures are secured in place by attaching them to two or more surgically-placed dental implants. These secure set of dentures allow for you to chew and smile like they’re natural teeth. Under your dentures, the implants bond to your jawbone. These implants then become the support that holds everything in place.

There are different types of permanent denture options too. Using attachments on the implants, permanent dentures can actually be removable, allowing them to click on and off with ease.

Possible Benefits of Permanent Dentures

There are many benefits to having permanent dentures too. To summarize these benefits, see below:

  • Some cases use as few as two implants per jaw
  • Removable implant-supported dentures provide for easier care
  • Will help you chew naturally again
  • Increase in your overall quality of life
  • Preserves the bone and prevents further decline in facial structure

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